With a direct connection to all international railway networks and operators.

Provides tailored logistics solutions for any kind of product, no matter how diverse: steel, forestry, bulk cargo, intermodal and palletised products. All installations have a mixed double track: international UIC gauge and Iberian gauge.


5 covered warehouses measuring more than 30,000 m2

40,000 square metres distributed across 7 operating areas

Available Means

  • Bridge cranes with a capacity of 32 tn
  • Gantry crane with a capacity of 30 tn
  • Lifting machines with a capacity of 4 to 48 tn
  • Backhoes for handling scrap metal
  • Engines
  • Mobile crates
  • A wide variety of tools
  • Silos for bulk cargo and cereals
  • Transportation conveyors
  • Weighbridges


Carretera del Molino nº 8 - 20303
Ventas-Irún (GUIPÚZCOA) Spain

GPS: 43°20'02.9"N 1°48'54.3"W

More information

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