Services for loading and unloading, stowing and unstowing vessels.

Transportation, handling and storage of goods.

Port agency, representation and chartering of vessels through our partner Palos Agencia Marítima S.L.



30.000 m2 of automated warehouse 

22.000 m2 of additional covered storage

9.500 m2 of multi-purpose open-air storage.

1.786 m long berthing line

Access and 1.4 km conveyor belt.

Rail Access

Available Means

  • 3 Liebherr self-propelling mobile cranes
  • 8 Volvo loading shovels.
  • 2  forklifts (4.5 and 42 tm) 
  • 1 MT40 Mantsinen reverse-crane machine.
  • 1 mill for crushing and mixing.
  • 1 hydraulic hopper.
  • 2 land weighbridges

Type of terminal

Bulk terminal
Multi-purpose Terminal


Políg. Ind. Nuevo Puerto - Palos de la Frontera (HUELVA) 

GPS: 37°10'56.3"N 6°55'37.3"W

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